First Official Dinner Guests

Doug and Lis came over for dinner tonight. We enjoyed the patio while Greg grilled. They had offered to bring subs and help with some unpacking last weekend, but we were far too busy and exhausted to take them up on it. It was nice to do a little entertaining, even if the house isn’t yet “just so.” It’s been an incredibly exhausting and busy week and a half since we moved in. I wish I had more photos to share, but I truly have been spending every spare minute studying or unpacking. Instead, a quick verbal summary. Moved in, met energy guy, went to study class for two and a half days, studied some more, Greg fixed the dryer which had a snapped belt from a few days before the move, worked from home while oil guy came to look at boiler because we only had hot water when the heat was on (by the way, it was over 90 degrees outside that week!), did laundry because hot water was fixed, found out the washer was leaking, heard an annoying beep from one of 10 new smoke/carbon monoxide detectors (a split level requires a lot), studied some more, shopped for additional kitchen cabinets, Greg installed two kitty doors, put up temporary post-it note window treatments, studied some more, finally unpacked my jeans so I can wash the one pair I’ve been wearing for a week, sat down to catch up on the blog. I do intend to have a lot more stories and photos to share, but the truth is, until October 2nd, studying is really going to be kicking my butt, so you will all just have to wait patiently, and consider anything before then to be a bonus!
OK, one quick bonus for now, because it will be a continuing story. The troublesome washer and drier don’t even fit width wise into the laundry room just yet. We were aware that this was an issue when we bought the house. And we can operate this way for awhile while Greg (and Doug) strategize the best way to steal some space from the plumbing chase!

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Okay, I'll consider this as a wonderful  bonus and thank you for it. Did you say you were on a crazy train? You are doing an amazing job just keeping up with life's requirements. Keep up the good work. I'm proud of you for holding it together. I am glad you are preserving this process in your blog. It is hard  to believe...You deserve to do some CELEBRATING on October 3. I wish I could help you more. Love you!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Saturday, September 11, 2010 - 12:14 PM