I'm Jen, an interior architect and graphic designer. I started documenting my home improvement journey in the summer of 2010, when I bought my first house with my ex-husband. In the fall of 2012, with the birth of my son Leo, I began my biggest project yet, motherhood.

My journey to my home and my son can hardly be called direct, and along the way, my spirit has taken a beating. But I continue to make small changes & add finishes touches to my home while I re-design my life and seek out that sparkle once again. It's been awhile since I've shared, but it's a goal of mine to spend more time here again in the weeks and months to come.

This is my story of things that make life sparkle—from improvements to my home that make it look beautiful and function better, to adventures in parenting that make my heart sing on a daily basis, and the art & design that fuels my creative soul.

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