And then there was Light!

(This post was originally written on March 21, and I forgot to upload it. Stay tuned for updates on our yard work coming soon...)
Four years ago when Greg and I bought the first of our favorite Billy shelves from IKEA for the entertainment wall in Wilmington, we bought a bunch of puck lights to add some accents inside the shelves, specifically because Greg has a beautiful collection of glass. We got around to the installing the lights,,and then we moved...to a temporary place,,,for. three. years!
Since then, we’ve collected even more glass (not all of it decorative...that’s what happens when you get married I guess!) And since we had to take it all out to move the shelves for the painting, it seemed like a perfect time to finally tackle to project. 

The light add a nice glow to the room, and really makes our treasures pop off the black background. (Although, I will admit, I’m not sure I love the crystal decanter...but Greg is really into bourbon right now, and it seems fitting. Makes me feel a bit like a soap opera set!)

And yes, we really do use all of these glasses. We have a lot of friends who enjoy tasting parties!

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So Pretty, Jen  Can,t wait to see it.
Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 07:27 AM