The To Do List

I thought it would be fun to share our to do list, which is also a wish list of sorts. So, here's a collection (far from all inclusive) of many of the things we want to or dream of doing at some point here on Kingston Road. I'll try to cross them off as we go. It should be fun to keep track of our progress.

  • plant bulbs (though I fear many were eaten by moles and will never bloom)
  • get rid of more grass surrounding front walk in favor of mulch and plantings
  • tame the forsythias
  • re-pave and expand the driveway
  • rebuild a bigger back deck at the height of the dining room (with shed storage underneath) and less rickety stairs
  • add on an even larger lower deck to engage the yard
  • add an above ground pool with yet another deck at the pool level
  • repave the patio
  • rebuild the stone wall at the edge of the patio to create a better bench
  • add landscaping along neighbor's fence
  • add solid privacy fence along main road

  • paint the trim
  • wire the surround sound speakers
  • buy a reclining love seat
  • paint my grandparent's coffee table to replace our current table
  • add new storage containers for all the junk currently stored inside our coffee table
  • add translucent film to glass door of cabinet for some hidden storage (in progress)
  • finish accessorizing the new shelves
  • finish flower painting
  • rework lighting strategy
  • enlarge the rug
  • add a mirror and hooks to the outside of the coat closet
  • new front door
  • new screen door
  • better lighting

  • hang art on the walls
  • buy a larger, lower table (maybe?)
  • replace screen door at door to deck
  • replace door with full glass, possibly double door for better view into back yard
  • window treatments
  • new exterior door

  • install final pull out drawer in corner cabinet
  • add pendant light fixture above sink
  • find a better place to store pot lids
  • add microwave with hood to regain counter space, and replace original hood that's really noisy
  • fully re-model kitchen (when wall oven dies)
    • new fridge
    • slide dishwasher down to make room for corner cabinet
    • new stove with oven
    • new cabinets and counter top
    • reconfigured counter top for better flow coming in from garage

  • paint
    • walls
    • trim
    • stair risers
    • doors
  • hang art

  • new desks
  • new file cabinet
  • enclosed storage
  • create storage niche in dead closest area above coat closet - possible TV niche
  • add pull-out couch (currently in my mom's basement) for additional guest room
  • paint
  • window treatments
  • general purging and organizing (on going)
  • redo closet with closet system for more efficient storage

  • redo closet with closet system for more efficient storage
  • paint
  • window treatments
  • better shoe storage solution (currently, I make use of this closet for half of my clothes)

  • add art and accessories
  • add storage cabinet with flat top next to sink
  • replace pedestal sink with vanity with storage, or at least a flat surface instead of sloped - we can't sit anything on the sink without it sliding
  • grout the tile on the ceiling
  • gut the whole bathroom
  • replace tub
  • new tile
  • new ceiling (without tile!)

  • paint
  • window treatments
    • blinds/shades
    • drapes
  • paint dressing table
  • king sized bed
  • new closed shoe storage
  • lights in the closets
  • new larger dresser (maybe an antique or used piece painted)
  • slip cover for recliner from living room (once it's replaced by a love seat)
  • remodeled the eaves storage into a master bath and walk-in closet
  • add ceiling fan

  • paint
  • new floor
  • bathroom accessories
    • toilet paper holder
    • towel bar
  • privacy film on window
  • motion sensor light

  • new flooring especially on stairs
  • paint trim
  • motion sensor light

  • reorganize workshop area
  • replace garage door

  • paint
    • stairs
    • walls
  • replace ceiling where soffit used to be
  • new flooring
    • create "free" carpet tile collage as interim solution (in progress)
    • rip up old vinyl tiles and replace with new resilient
  • hang art
  • reduce storage area (move more long term stuff to attic)
  • add lighting
  • improve ventilation

  • exterior wall mounted air conditioning units (can't think of the fancy name) on either side of the house for master/living, and office/guest room
  • new windows
  • paint exterior
  • replace remaining windows
    • dining room
    • office
    • guest room
    • master
    • garage

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