Bathroom Storage

A few days before Thanksgiving, I put together this bathroom storage cabinet. And yes, I’m just getting around to talking about it. That’s what the holidays will do to you. This regrettably pink bathroom is slowly coming together. I’m trying to play up the black and white to give it a graphic quality. 

You can see, without the cabinet, we were desperately in need of storage. Pedestal sinks may look nice, and make a room feel bigger, but where the heck are you supposed to put all your stuff? And this sink doesn’t have a flat surface anywhere, so you can’t even set down a bottle of soap without it possibly sliding off. I’m still looking for a small cabinet to fir to the right of the sink to add more storage, and the desired flat surface. 
It’s also taken me longer to fill up this cabinet then it has for me to write about it. We still have bins full of random bathroom stuff that need to be properly stored. I think that might be tomorrow night’s task. 

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It looks so elegant...nice job!
Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 08:14 PM

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