Christmas Re-capping

As promised, here's a little look at how the rest of December panned out here on Kingston Road.

I kicked the season off by designing a card and getting it printed on Zazzle. (I have a new store in the works which is a bit more anonymous than my first...feel free to check it out sometimeI had hoped that my design would set the tone for my holiday, and I think it did.

Then of course, I had to bake my famous sugar cookies.

They are a lot of work, and every year I think I won't make so many next year, but I love hearing all the reactions to them, so I can't seem to stop myself! It actually turns into a two day event (sometimes spread over two Saturdays). I cut and bake all the cookies one day, and because I'm usually so tired when that's finished, I save the frosting for the next day. 

I watched some of my favorite Christmas movies...any guesess?

We wrapped a ton of gifts with all of the too-perfect-for-my-living-room-color-scheme-wrapping papers I found this year at Target. 

 I mean, seriously, these papers were meant for this coffee table, don't you agree?

We did a little Boxing Day shopping and added to our holiday lights collection with these cool color changing LED snowflake lights at 50% off. 6-pointed, and 5 unique patterns of course. I was also able to pick up some of my coveted snowflakes on clearance in time to use them for our party! I guess it pays to show restraint sometimes. 

And, we enjoyed the glow of our beautiful tree for an entire month! You might also notice that the bow is gone from the top. We picked up a snowflake candle holder from Pottery Barn that we turned into a tree topped. In case you haven't realized, snowflakes are kind of our thing.

I will miss this beautiful tree and the soft glow it provides, but I am looking forward to all the new projects we plan to take on in the coming months.


  1. What a great holiday season you had! And so color-coordinated! ;-)

  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. VP


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