Then & Now: The Kitchen

As previously mentioned, in honor of being in Kingston Road for two years, I'm taking a look back at some of the transformation we've undertaken so far. The now pictures were taken on the fourth of July when the house was ready for the party we threw, and was about as staged as it gets (minus the party prep) aside from Christmas. It was a good time to grab some shots. 

The kitchen transformation is not as dramatic visually as the living room, with the exception of the counter and cabinet that we added in one corner. But, we did also add a lot of pull out wire drawers inside all of the cabinets that have drastically increased the storage capacity of the kitchen. 

New Counter Area:

Fridge Corner:

So what did we do in the kitchen?
  • new cabinet with drawers and new counter top
  • pull out wire drawers in almost all the existing cabinets
  • new microwave hood above the cook top
  • paint

What's left?
  • light fixture above the sink
  • finish the edge of the cabinet to hide the exposed side of the microwave
  • install one more wire drawer in far corner cabinet to right of sink
  • find a better storage solution for pot lids
  • and way down the road...redo the whole thing!

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