Tour - Part Two

To continue the tour, (I’ve managed to supplement with some shots Greg took)...there are three bedrooms in the house. Three real bedrooms. With real closets. Not a half of a living room on the main room pretending to be a third bedroom like many of the capes that are so common around here. And the master bedroom is enormous. From the outside of the house, it is quite deceiving, because it is so efficiently tucked in above the living room. Yes, it does have sloped ceilings like many a cape, but it is huge! Room for a king sized bed if we can ever manage to get one. And the best part is the storage. Accessed through one of the master closets, you can get to the attic above the two other bedrooms. In addition to that, there is a space which runs along the entire eaves on the left side of the picture. It will be possible to add a dormer in the future in order to add a master bath and bigger closet. Yet another project for the 5 or more year plan. This house will definitely be our new hobby. 

The other two bedrooms are side by side a half-level up from the living room. The one in the front (above) is a bit larger, and has a nice double window facing the street. The closet is a decent size, and has a portion that stacks above the coat closet in the living room below. You can just see it on the right of the closet opening below. We may consider opening that up to be more accessible storage. 

The smaller bedroom (below) faces the side and back yards. It might be a bit smaller, but it boasts the biggest closet in the house, running the full length of one wall. The last room on this floor, which we have yet to photograph, is a lovely pink full bathroom. I guess we won’t miss the one we are leaving behind!

Next time, we’ll visit the garage, basement, and maybe even the yard. 

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Wow! More natural light! And you are right... that Master *is* big! YAY!
Friday, July 30, 2010 - 06:50 AM
So awesome to have all that space and REAL closets!!!!  You'll be living there soon!!!! I LOVE it!!! It has all the charm and character you always wanted. Can't wait for Paart 3.
Friday, July 30, 2010 - 01:53 PM

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