First, let me say, we are officially cleared to close on the house, and that happens in only two days! It’s very exciting!
Now, I thought it might be amusing to talk about our kitchen appliances. Our house was built in 1959, and we are only going to be the second owner/occupiers. You can imagine that the house probably needed a lot of updating. We are grateful that Hans Brings, the real estate king of Waltham, and his team, spent a lot of time refreshing the house to get it market ready. All the carpet (I’m sure there had to be some) was gone, all the walls “yellow-washed,” not a speck of wall paper in sight, new peal and stick floor in the kitchen, new light fixtures in the dining room & kitchen, and...a handful of new appliances...including a new cook top, refrigerator, sink/sprayer faucet, dishwasher (where there probably never was one) and garbage disposal. But the crowning beauty of the kitchen is the original stainless steel wall oven that looks like it has never been used. It does still work, except for the clock!

Of course, the beautiful wall oven does pose potential kitchen remodeling issues, as we are told (I have yet to confirm) that modern wall ovens will not fit into the same space. So, if the oven were to go, it could trigger the kitchen redo, which we won’t be ready to take on for a few years yet. In the meantime, we enjoy this tank of an appliance.

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How wonderful to have a "vintage' working oven! People search everywhere for the vintage look.
Sunday, August 8, 2010 - 03:36 PM

Whoa!!! That's insane! And i'm kind of jealous you don't have to bend down all the time with that. (I'd be in big trouble without a "window" though!)
Sunday, August 8, 2010 - 07:47 PM

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