Prepping for Gas

One of the projects that has been on our list since before we even closed on the house is the conversion from oil to gas. There are many reasons we’re taking this on. We feel better about gas as a form of fuel than oil. We’ll be able to reclaim a corner of our basement big enough for our elliptical machine once we remove the old oil tank. The oil boiler is as old as the house, and having not been used much for five years, followed by running through a long, cold winter, makes me question how much life it actually has left. And, our chimney has some damage to the flue that is used by the boiler. This prevents us from using our fireplace. The gas boiler will vent directly out the side of the basement, so we will finally be able to use our fireplace once it is in place!
Above, you can see the team from National Grid who arrived to install the gas line to the house. coincidentally right after I had finished meeting with the plumber to get a quote. 

In preparation for the gas meter to be installed at the side of the house, Greg removed an old tree stump. In the process, he discovered some old pipe we believe were connected to the down spouts of the gutters. We were amazed to see how this root had bent itself right around the pipe. 

The installation is scheduled for June 13-14. Greg has already started to remove the paneling from around the oil tank. We will be sure to keep you posted on the progress!
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Interesting root shape. Good riddance to the oil tank!
Sunday, June 5, 2011 - 06:57 PM

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