Wish List - Storm Door

The exterior doors in our house are quite old. The storm door at the back that goes from the dining room to outside has been in exceptionally rough shape. We had a big gathering with Greg's family earlier this summer. It happened to be on a very rainy, humid day. After all the ins and outs that occurred that day, the door fell off square, and wouldn't shut all the way. Greg was able to fix it, but the delay on the closer never recovered. The door has been slamming shut every since. Slamming so hard, it could probably take a finger off.

Well, this weekend we had a small cookout, and all the slamming turned out to be too much for the door. The glass portion of the door cracked into two large pieces. So...we'll need a new storm door, eventually. Thankfully, the nice weather is just about behind us, so we need to leave it open for circulation. We have so few operable windows on the main floor of the house, that the screen doors on both the front and back are very important to getting a breeze. But, we should be able to wait until spring to sort this out.

In the meantime, I'm hoping we can replace the aluminum door, which has a metal panel on the bottom, then glass in the middle, and a screen at the top, with a full view door like this. When the back door is open, it will let a lot more light into the house, not to mention, it will give the cats a floor height view into the back yard. They currently can't see out of the door now because of the metal panel at the bottom. Ah yes, the things we do for our cats.

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