As promised, I wanted to show you our giant leaf pile, along with the results of some of the other yard clean up we did a dew weeks ago. I'm not sure if I mentioned, but our town offers a great service where they will vacuum up all the leaves as long as we rake them all to the curb. Everyone gets a week based on their trash pickup. Our week was the week of Thanksgiving, which was perfectly timed to allow all the leaves to finish dropping before we had to rake.

What we didn't anticipate was that there would be utility work going on in the street on the day we planned for our raking. The jack hammer sound track left a little bit to be desired.

Greg got the crew to move their tar from our curb though, so we could have a place to pile the leaves. 

Around the side of the house, in the patio area, we had to deal with the remnants from the storm. 

We made two piles of debris, one of wood we we'll be able to burn once it's dries out, and the other of the twigs and leaves to be picked up as yard waste. 

After a few hours, it looked like this.

And, by the time we left for Thanksgiving dinner, the leaves and twigs in the front of the house were all gone!

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