Our blinds for the bedroom arrived a few weeks ago, and I finally got them hung up! I'm loving how much control we have over light and privacy. And, I'm hoping that the fact that these are wood blinds will keep the cats from bending back the slats like they did with some of the vinyl blinds in Wilmington.

Here's another shot with the blinds closed more to get a better sense of the color. 

Next, I want to find some drapes to add more texture and color. And, I need to paint the wood block in the left window to match the trim (well, I actually need to paint ALL the trim in the house, but that's another story!) Greg put that there to support the air conditioner. If I can stand leaving it there, we've found it's quite convenient to not have to reinstall it ever year. 

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, that I installed these all by myself! Greg is not the only handy person in this family. (But it's usually just so much easier to have him do it!)

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