The other day, I was walking through Target, and stumbled upon this aisle.

I could barely contain my excitement!

I wasn't sure quite what I needed from this aisle, but I knew there would be something. I ended up back there later in the day (we'd had to drop Greg's car off near by...I don't usually hit Target twice in one day) and picked up a few things. Here's one of them.

It's a little basket to use for all the kittie's toys. We used to have a traditional basket, and lets just say, it must have seemed too much like a litter box, so it didn't last long. But, we really liked having a place to coral all the little stuffed rodents that we are otherwise constantly tripping all over. The basket is actually plastic, so it seemed safe to try again. And, it complements the coffee table perfectly! Greg put some cat nip in it, so the boys would know it's for them. It's so adorable to watch them go over and grab out a little something to bat around the room.

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