I did it! I completed the 100 Days of Happy Challenge, and I disappeared from here for almost as long. I guess I've been very busy being happy. Ironically, one of the things that I learned while documenting all those happy moments, is that it's much more satisfying to simply enjoy those moments, rather than worrying so much about documenting those moments. 

Now, of course, I still have a head full of blog posts that I'd like to write one of these days. Maybe I'll get to them someday...when it's not so beautiful outside.

I really enjoyed this challenge. I learned a lot. I think I do, like many, spend too much time in front of screens, obsessing over various forms of social media and other mindless apps. So, why was it so satisfying to use this method to document happiness?

For starters, because I knew that I needed to have a picture of a happy moment to post at the end of the day, each morning, I would think about my day to identify the moments I thought had potential. This created a feeling of anticipation as the day progressed. I'd say, the anticipation of happiness puts one in a pretty good frame of mind to face the day!

Secondly, as much as I am trying to be in the moment more often, the action of consciously pausing to document happiness gave me the opportunity to recognize and embrace it. Life as a working mom with a toddler can go by in such a blur, I often don't know what day it is, let alone why I walked into a room half of the time. It's easy to get caught in the grind and forget to appreciate how awesome life truly is. 

But you know what? Life is pretty awesome. 

With that...here's a recap of my 100 Happy Days & some the common themes that make me happy.  






 getting lost 
in my work

dress up


family time







this guy 



my home 




leo explore
& learn 

being in 
the water  

artsy crafty design 


family time 





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