Happy Days 8-15

Day 8: Dinner at Friendly's equals many things to be happy about. Not having to cook or clean up the kitchen, happy memories of my high school friends and all the time we spent together at the Friendly's in our home town, and of course, the brownie sundae that I was so happy about, I forgot to take a picture of it until I was done!

Day 9: A beautiful, warm, sunny spring day watching my happy kitty soaking up the sun, and my happy boy enjoying some kitty cuddles. 

Day 10: Another beautiful day spent outside, watching my little man beginning to discover his yard. 

Day 11: Getting to the last line of a ridiculous spreadsheet of furniture items for my project that I spent three days checking. Pure relief!

Day 12: Looking at my toes when they are freshly painted pink always makes me smile. 

Day 13: Introducing my little man to the wonders of dying easter eggs!

Day 14: Picking up this guy from school on any old ordinary work day is always one of the best moments of the day. I especially love watching all of his good-bye high-five rituals with his buddies. And on this particular day, I learned that one little boy talks about L all the time at home. His mom was excited to finally see who her sone had been talking about. So sweet. 

Day 15: Making easter cupcakes to satisfy an urge for my favorite cake that I've been having since my birthday. 

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