Tile Repair

This weekend, Greg finally took on the tile repair project in the bathroom. If you forgot what it has looked like since October, click here and here. 

There was a lot of prep that went into the job. First, all the tiles were sort and the old grout and adhesive was scraped off. Better than nails on a chalkboard! Eeek!

Then I washed all the grout dust off all of the tiles, so they would adhere well to the wall. 

Greg glued them all back on the wall and left them to dry over night. It was a tricky job as they didn’t all want to fit back up in the space where they used to be. There was a fair bit of filing and sanding to get them all to fit. 

Today, it was time to grout. 

Here’s the way it looked when all was said and done...before Greg decided to continue on to replace the toilet. Stay tuned!

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