The Yellow is Gone!

Greg and I spent the weekend banishing the yellow paint from the main floor of the house by painting the kitchen and dining room a lovely shade of gray. We’re really happy with the way it came out...although it doesn’t have quite the transformation wow factor as the teal in the living room. I am still extremely pleased that the yellow is gone.

Here’s the kitchen. It’s hard to notice the difference here with the small amount of walls we actually have. Up close, there is a bit of a gray fleck in the counter top, which ties in nicely. It was a very full weekend, and we still have some cleaning up to do, which is why there are so few after photos!

This is a view down to the garage level, which used to be yellow as well. When we finally get around to painting all of the trim in the house, we will paint the wood trim here white as well. 

Finally, I will leave you with a before shot.,.the yellow dining room in the background with all the contents emptied in the living room. Yes, it was quite a project!

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It is a very beautiful shade of gray. So classy. It changed the whole vibe of the space to updated chic. LOVE it. So glad you did the stairway!!!! You two worked VERY hard.
Monday, March 21, 2011 - 09:23 PM

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