Empty Walls

I have been staring at the empty walls in our dining room for over a year now...granted, it's only been about six months since we painted them gray. The weekend before Thanksgiving, we finally had time to hang up a few things! I am so excited to finally be activating this formerly blank space.

Below, you can see two framed photos that we had in our old dining room. One is of the magnolia tree at our old place. The other is of some umbrellas hanging in a glass dome at the Venetian in Vegas. To the left of the window, are three ceramic "dot" vases that we found this summer in P-town.

On the opposite wall, that backs up to the kitchen, we hung Greg's beer labels that I framed for him as a gift for our anniversary one year. We hung them high on purpose, with the intention of adding more objects below at some point. 

Here's how things are looking from the living room. (Please pardon the half chewed chenielle blanket in the front left corner. Roy has been slowly devouring it, and I have yet to get rid of it...it's on my list, but anyway....!) We were really excited when we found those dots, for a few reasons. One, because the colors tie in with what's going on in the living room. 

And two, because the dishes we got for our wedding strongly feature dots! You can see why we couldn't resist picking up a few of these. At some point, I plan on making some flowers, either of paper or beads, to put in them. I would like to add a touch more green to the dining room, to tie in with the living room, and this seems like a perfect opportunity. 

We did pick up one piece of green art this fall that we thought we were going to put up in the dining room.  But, it seemed to have found a better home on the shelves in the living room. It will probably show up in a photo soon. 

I'm pretty happy with this way this turned out, for now. I tend to stress out a bit about silly decisions like this, so Greg just encouraged me to get it done. It's only a few holes in the wall after all. I'm sure it will evolve with time. But for now, like I said, I'm thrilled to no longer be staring at empty walls!


  1. Love the look of your walls now. With each addition, it feels more like your personal home. I love the way the dot vases go with your dishes. The colors are perfect with everything. The vision you two have is becoming reality! Congratulations!

  2. It looks awesome!!! I love how it's coming along... and I LOVE that gray paint. LOVE. (I know I've seen it before... but the artwork pops off it)


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