Then & Now: The Dining Room

Continuing the look back at where were started, and where we are after two years in our house, this week, I bring you back to the dining room, again set up for our fourth of July party earlier this summer. 

Our dining room furniture was well established when we moved in, so the biggest transformation in this room has simply been the pain color. 

What did we do?
  • paint
  • add lighting to the storage cabinets
  • hung art on the wall

What's left?
  • more art
  • new wine storage
  • possibly a lower more high-chair/family friendly table
  • a new light fixture? there's nothing wrong with the one that's there, but it's not extremely interesting
  • a new screen door 
  • a new exterior door that is actually insulated
  • window treatment? not sure if we need it
  • a split system air conditioning unit house outside that will vent into the dining room to cool the main floor, and above to our bedroom

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