Then & Now: The Master Bedroom

It's time for another installment of Then & Now. This time featuring the master bedroom.  It was a pretty blank pale yellow canvass when we moved in.

For some reason, I never take shots looking back toward our wall of doors. Probably because that's where we hide the mess, hanging from various over the door hooks, which pretty much keep our closet doors from ever being completely closed, and because I'm not entirely satisfied with the shoe storage solution that we have going on. So, this is just a reminder at what the wall opposite the windows looks like. 

Lastly, a before and after on my dresser solution that we replaced with a nice new grown up bureau. We ended up using my old maple chest of drawers in Luigi's room. It had been dinged up over the years, but is very well constructed, and should last a lot longer, so a fresh coat of paint did it justice, while I got to benefit from a solution that finally complimented the rest of the room!

So here's the breakdown...

What did we do?
  • Refinished the floors
  • Paint (Greg and his brother would both argue that I should have left the sloped portion of the wall/ceiling white instead of purple. I hold firm that I made the right decision. I think it would be especially weird behind the armoire to have a high contrast line between white and purple)
  • Window treatments - both wooden blinds and curtain
  • New bureau
  • Refinished my Gram's dressing table
  • Reconfigured Greg's closet to allow access into the attic (not shown)
  • Lights added to both closets (not shown)
  • Insulated the storage eaves (in the eave behind the dresser)
  • Added the old sage green recliner from the living room with a new red slip cover. (It's now Siegfried's favorite place to sleep at night.)
What's left?
  • Carpet. Probably carpet tiles in a few areas. Greg doesn't love carpet. I don't love carpet covered in cat hair, but I also don't love putting my feet on a cold floor in the middle of winter!
  • New light fixture. Ceiling fan maybe?
  • New finials on the curtain rod (try not to notice that the ones up there are blue!)
  • Paint the trim, and touch up all the paint
  • Shoe storage solution, perhaps built-in along the outside for Greg's closet
  • New upholstery on the cushion at the dressing table
  • New bedside lamps
  • Art on the walls
  • Very long term: bump up the eaves storage to create a master bathroom and walk-in closet

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