Snowy Scenes

Everyone knows we’re dealing with snow of epic proportions. I thoughts I’d share a few shots taken around our house. 

This is the snow bank at the corner of our driveway LAST Saturday. It is now over my head. I need to get another picture for comparison. 

This was the scene on our corner a few weeks ago. This front loader was chopping the tops off of the snowbanks at the corner of the street and sending them off with in a dump truck. It’s much worse since then. I wish they would come back. It’s getting hard to see to pull out on to the main road. 

Today, the town snowblower truck came by to do the main sidewalks. The pile on our corner grew exponentially...

...as you can see here. It would make one heck of a fort. 

This gives you an idea of just how deep the snow in our yard is. (still from one storm ago, so there is more now). Greg decided to create a path around the house, mostly so the oil delivery guy can fill the tank. But, it might come in handy if we need to get to the back yard for any reason. 

And lastly, some frost I discovered on my bedroom window one below zero (yes, that’s below ZERO, not below freezing) morning. I thought it looked sort of like a flock of birds of a pillow fight. 
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First winter at 5 Kingston. Memories!!!!
Sunday, February 6, 2011 - 03:30 PM

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