Free Toilet

The process of transferring the blog to it's new location has made me realize that I've missed some of our projects. After Greg finishes the tile repair in the bathroom back in March, he decided to replace our toilet as well. The original toilet did not flush well. We had to hold the handle down for the entire flush to make sure it was complete. It was getting a little tiring.

Conveniently, a few years before, I had received a free Kohler toilet from attending a presentation at work. Yes, that's right. The rep took names, and a few weeks later showed up in the front parking lot with a minivan full of toilets. Very strange. Although we were renting at the time, we knew that we'd eventually buy, and thought it was likely that we'd have to add a half bathroom someday.

Well, we were lucky enough to buy a house that already had that half bath, so we were finally able to take advantage of our fancy comfort height, low flow toilet. Of course, since it was a plumbing job, George was called in for the assist.

The old toilet was brought out to the curb, where it was amazingly picked up with the trash. 

In case you were curious, there's a pretty gross looking hole in the floor that usually lives under the toilet. The new toilet was a huge improvement over the original. I highly recommend comfort height. And as always, is so great that Greg is able to take on so many of these projects himself!

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