Getting Ready

We're feeling ready for Irene, here on Kingston Road. We spent last night grocery shopping, and stowing away all the items in the yard. Greg gathered all the flashlights (yes, even his LED headlamp). I located all the candles. Our emergency crank radio is at the ready. Hurricanes are not something we get a lot of around here, so we're not really sure what to expect. We're mostly just waiting around now, watching the weather channel, even though nothing is supposed to happen until tomorrow. You can feel it in the air though, which is incredibly soupy, and not really fun to be out in.

We leaned our table up against the fence, and braced the fire pit in between the heavy benches.

Here's our mishmosh of a garage with all the patio chairs, the grill, a potted plant, etc, Basically, anything that might blow away.

We hope all of our friends and family on the east coast are staying safe and dry!

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