Back in the middle of June, we decided it was time to tackle the weeds that were taking over the hostas, roses, and the pavers in our patio at the side of the house. We decided it made sense to get rid of even a little more grass, and use up the rest mulch still taking up the bed of Greg's truck.

Greg tackled the strip along the house, and I tried to dig up the weeds between the patio pavers. 

We decided to rearrange some of the stones while we were at it, to clean up the edges a little bit. Someday, we'd like to redo the patio completely with concrete pavers that are regular, without all the gaps for weeds to grow. But, there are a long list of other items that will come before that. So for now, we'll just keep digging and whacking at the weeds, and watching our step on the not so level surface.

We used some of the extra stones to create a path around the fence from the front yard. 

Even though the weeds have grown back since this shot, the whole patio still looks a lot neater and better organized.

And that night, after we were finished, we enjoyed a nice fire in our new fire pit with our friends Michael and Kat.

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