Welcome to the new location of The Kingston Road Project!

I think I mentioned that I've been very busy this summer with projects at work, and have fallen behind in documenting what we've been up to around here. I'm just going to dive right back in and pick up where I left off with catching up. 

Back in June, Greg decided it was time to eliminate some of the crab grass lawn that we have growing here. There is a fairly steep hill on the front corner of our yard, which is not easy to mow. We decided it would do much better covered in mulch, and hopefully someday, planted with an evergreen ground cover. We were lucky enough to inherit some left over mulch from our friends, Doug & Lis. And what better way to deliver it to it's new home than in the back of Greg's pick-up...driven right up on the lawn, of course!

He worked hard all afternoon, laying down landscaping fabric to try to prevent weeds (alas, two months later, this was not entirely successful, but I can only imagine how it would be if there were no fabric there!) He used up all the inherited mulch, and even ran out to the garden store down the street to buy another truck load! It's amazing how quickly you can go through mulch. 

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