A Pinteresting Admission

Last fall, when I posted some of Leo's birthday party photos on Face*book, a friend from my mom group commented that she was sure I existed to make the rest of them look bad. It's true, that as a designer, a goal of mine is to make beautiful things, things that are worthy of being pinned. And in fact, it seems that I might be starting to succeed at that! 

But that is not the whole story. 

Friday, I grabbed the stack of Valentines and put them in an envelope to go in Leo's bag. Then I realized that I forgot to make the Valentine snack I had promised to send in for the party. Because yeah, getting things ready ahead of time, not my forte. So, I got busy creating these. Of course, I had to embellish the container to make it feel more festive with my new favorite craft supply, washi tape. 

And...promptly forgot to put the envelope of Valentines in Leo's bag. 

Mom fail!

I felt a little bit better when I picked Leo up that afternoon and discovered that the only Valentine he received was from his teacher. The kids in his class really are a little young for this tradition, so I guess none of them participated. Oh well. I will still be sending in the cards next week for a little belated surprise. I'm sure they will still be appreciated. 

So yeah, I might be good at making things look good. But supermom, far from it!

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