Two Lips

One of my favorite riddles/jokes as a kid was this:

What flower do you always carry with you? 

Two Lips

Sometimes, it's amazing what some new gloss for those two lips can do for an outlook on life. There's just a certain feeling the first time you put on a new lip color.

There is a CVS right by my office, and I sometimes I spend a few minutes browsing on the way to my favorite lunch spot. Recently, I found this new matte lip crayon from Revlon. I have one of the lip stains that looks similar, and loved it. Light, bright color with a subtle minty undertone. And there's something about the crayon aspect that I love as well.

The matte balm...love! Goes on like velvet, so smooth, and amazingly matte. It barely feels like anything is there.

The color I got is called Shameless. After I put it on, I shamelessly sat in my car and took a few selfies.

Anyway, I'm not trying to sell Revlon or anything, just found a fun little product that made me smile, so I thought I'd share.


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