Days 3-7

A week in, I am enjoying the 100 Happy Days Challenge so far. I haven't missed a day yet on Instagram, but I am thinking that I will probably stick to a weekly (or so) recap here. So, here's what the rest of my first week looked like. 

 Day 3

We are on a bit of a spring cleaning kick, inspired by the 40 Bags in 40 Days that I've seen a lot of people taking on lately. Today, we focused on clearing and cleaning all the surfaces in our kitchen and dining room. We've had a lot of lost stuff hanging out for way too long. Prime example, my stack of snowflake plates had previously been taking up residence on this shelf in our dining room. It felt really good to see the house looking so nice and orderly. 

Day 4

Today, I was preparing for a big client presentation, and I fearing it was going to be a late night at the office. But guess what? Things went fairly smoothly, so I was thrilled to actually make it home in time for dinner. 

Day 5

Today, I travelled to Salisbury, MD, and back. It was a 20 hour day, and it was not easy. But, the presentation went well, and that is something to be happy about. 

Day 6

Leo ran a few errands with me today, and we found ourselves near one of my favorite places. He was kind, and cooperated while I shopped...unsupervised by Greg! Heaven!

Day 7

Today, I attended a lunch meeting, so I didn't make it outside to grab food like I usually do. After the meeting, I took a quick spin around the building. A few minutes to catch my breath, and take in the beautiful view along the river. 

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