First Annual 39th

Today is my birthday! I'm calling it my first annual 39th, because, yeah, I might just decide to stop here. We'll see in another year.

Anyway, life is good these days, so in honor of my birthday, I've decided to take on a little challenge. Have you heard of 100happydays.com? I've seen a few friends participating and have been tempted to join in. This seems like a perfect day to start.

The idea is to take a photo each day of something that makes me happy, and to share it via some sort of social media with #100happydays. I will be posting my pictures initially on Instagram, but I think I will post them here as well. After all, finding things to be happy about feels sparkly, doesn't it?

Here's the first of many happy moments to come.

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  1. Happy birthday!!! This 100 days of happy sounds like a great idea! See ya on Instagram!


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