My Little Bro

In case you haven't noticed, apparently it was National Sibling Day last week, or something. Yeah, I'd never heard of it before either, but if you were anywhere on Facebook in the last week, it was hard to miss. I find it amusing how quickly the Facebook herd takes over, how many people were posting pictures of themselves with their siblings just because everyone else was.

At first, I thought it was a little cheesy.

Then, I started to miss my little brother.

And when I realized that National Sibling Day lands exactly halfway in between our birthdays. It started to seem fitting to write a little bit about him. Especially since I haven't yet figured out what to send him for his birthday this year, not to mention the fact that he just moved, and I don't have his address, so I don't even know where to send it!

Baby Willy with my Mom
Willy with our Papa
For a good part of the last fifteen years, he's lived abroad somewhere, and I've been lucky to see him once or twice a year. He's lived a pretty interesting life, living in so many exotic places that Greg can't help but speculate that he's some kind of super-secret spy. Burma, Indonesia, Italy, Iraq, the Dominican Republic, and now England—most recently renting a house from Ozzy Osbourne. Quite a list, right?

On a Cruise in the Caribbean
Meeting up in Venice
(ordering squid in it's own black ink sauce just to gross out my overly picky friends!)
In Venice
At least I've had the chance to visit him in Italy and England. One of the best adventures we ever had together was traveling around Italy for a few days and getting in to a huge fight over who was going to carry all of my stuff while walking up a huge hill in Perugia. He won. He got to carry all my stuff!

My High School Graduation
Will's High School Graduation
Will's Undergraduate Graduation from Hopkins

Will's Masters Graduation from Hopkins

I love to brag about him with his degrees from Johns Hopkins and Harvard Business School. Oh, and he's quite handsome, and his wife is gorgeous. They're both brilliant, amazing chefs, and really fun to hang out with.

Will & Robin at their Senior Prom
(oh, did I forget to mention that they're high school sweethearts too?)
Robin, Will and Me on a 4th of July Hay Ride in the Mid-90s
Robin, Will & Me at a Family Wedding in 1997
Will & Robin at My Wedding in 2008
Having Leo has definitely made me miss Will, my awesome sister-in-love Robin, and my niece and nephew more and more every day. One of my biggest dreams is that They will move back here someday. I can imagine all the fun we cold have, watching our kids grow up together. One can only hope, right? I so so so want Leo to have a close relationship with his cousins and his Aunt and Uncle.

Leo and his Cousins
Uncle Will with Leo at Two Weeks
I miss you, my big little brother. I hope your birthday is wonderful. I'm sure it will be sunny. You are spending it in Spain after all.

My Wedding, 2008

You will always be my little brother. 

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